CDD special issue: Dying cell recognition

Cell Death and Differentiation published recently a special issue focusing on research dedicated to the understanding of the biology of the recognition of dead cells in multicellular organisms by their living neighbouring cells (link here).┬áCell death research has traditionally focused on the question as to how cells integrate cell death-inhibitory and -inducing signals to ‘decide’ on their fate and to commit suicide. Recently, it has become clear that the post-mortem fate of corpses constitutes an important problem as well. Thus, the history of prior stress as well as the modality of the lethal process may affect the way how corpses are perceived by neighbouring live cells, whether they recruit inflammatory cells and to which extent they stimulate immune responses. This special issue of Cell Death & Differentiation deals with these important questions, which trespass the cell-autonomous vision of lethal signalling pathways, placing cell death in its physiological or pathological context.

Here is a video introducing this topic


See also the video below from Dr. Jennifer Martinez, where she talks about “Dying Cell Clearance”. Jennifer co-authored an article for this special issue of Cell Death and Differentiation.

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